Candace, Skip, and Xander stumble upon a lonely backpacker in the woods and hear his eerie tale. . . .    Snag an Adventure Pass via Patreon  Conne...View Details

It's Celadon City! Officer Jenny investigates, Gym Leader Erika is challenged, everyone feels sick, and a Pride Parade is in full swing.    To hear ...View Details

The Rock Tunnel seemed really spooky... until now. Our trainers have arrived at Lavender Town, and something is very wrong.   Snag an Adventure Pass ...View Details

Its a long hike up north to get through the Rock Tunnel. But before our trainers depart they must defeat Lt. Surge, the Lightning American!   Snag an...View Details

Uh oh. As our trainers make way for the Cruise Liner in Vermillion City, they find ominous signs of an old foe returning to Kanto.   Snag an Adventur...View Details

Candace, Skip, and Xander pursue their very first badges in fierce battles against Brock & Misty!   Snag an Adventure Pass via Patreon  Connect ...View Details

Stuck at the edge of Viridian Forest without HM01, our trainers brainstorm a new way in.   Snag an Adventure Pass via Patreon  Connect with us on Tw...View Details

Our trainers have officially begun the Kanto Journey, and take their first steps onto Route 1.   Snag an Adventure Pass via Patreon  Connect with us...View Details

 Its that time of year. Three young trainers are invited to Oak's lab and new Pokémon journey begins in Pallet Town!    Snag an Adventure Pass v...View Details

Hello there! Welcome to the World of Pokémon!  If you don’t know what Pokemon is, my god what giant rock have you been living under? No need to wo...View Details

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