Stuck at the edge of Viridian Forest without HM01, our trainers brainstorm a new way in.   POKÉMON! Pen & Paper Version A 20 Sided Stories Prod...View Details

Our trainers have officially begun the Kanto Journey, and take their first steps onto Route 1.   POKÉMON! Pen & Paper Version A 20 Sided Storie...View Details

 Its that time of year. Three young trainers are invited to Oak's lab and new Pokémon journey begins in Pallet Town!    POKÉMON! Pen & Pape...View Details

Hello there! Welcome to the World of Pokémon!  If you don’t know what Pokemon is, my god what giant rock have you been living under? No need to wo...View Details

Imagine this: Seasoned Actors and Improvisors gather around a table with microphones and play a role-playing game.But NOT Dungeons & Dragons. No, ...View Details

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