An introduction to Victoria 1890.

Out of a gray fog protrudes black fingers, spewing clouds of steam, and booming industry. Man has conquered this world. Though if you peek inside of these pillars of human achievement you'll find them bursting with light!

Welcome to La Belle Époque, the beautiful era, the golden age, the reign of Queen Victoria! The height of the British Empire and peace in western Europe. No longer plagued with war and famine her subjects turn to furthering personal ambition. From the lowliest beggar to the wealthiest exerciser of Carte Blanche. Buildings reach new heights and density creating beautiful architecture and the most treacherous twists of narrow passages and alleyways.

These are the homes of con-artists, thieves, aristocrats, preachers, scientists, detectives, performers. People who strive to better their position at any level through admirable or disreputable means. Those of high status, whether it was dirtily earned and fought for or simply handed to them by the blessing of luck's charming kiss, aim their weapons at all who threathen their grounds.

Meanwhile, in the dim laden streets, the lower class struggle and contest with desperation. Both divisions capable of cheating and killing, prolific innovation, and the display of gifted and unusual talents.

But class warfare be not the only theme of our mysterious tale.
Beyond these great cities there lies adventure! The exploration of this concord world. With civilization spreading, connected by trains and new forms of communication, brave souls continue to hunt down myths and rumors left by our ancestors from centuries before. Investigating the darkest corners and quests, seeking unknown treasures and the thrill of discovery.

However, the revelation of these secrets, be it in a tomb, a cave, a lab, or even an unopened door, can expose a side of reality we were not meant to see. Some beasts and monstrosities, be it in the forms of matter or perhaps internal spirit, wish to dwell undisturbed.

And despite famed works of fiction, it is a world that would make one believe the mysteries of Christie, Doyle, and Leblanc. The adventures of Burroughs, Haggard, and London. The possibilities of Stevenson, Verne, and Wells. And the horrors of Le Fanu, Stoker, and Shelley.

Welcome to a mysterious indulgence complementary to Sherlock Homes, Dracula, Penny Dreadful, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Welcome to Victoria 1890.


Narration, Editing, Music: Sage G.C.

Written by Greg Reasoner

Produced by Sage G.C., Greg Reasoner, Garrett Reasoner, and Jessica Dahlgren

Artwork by Greg Reasoner and Sage G.C.

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