VICTORIA 1890 #7 - Return


Full circle.

The mystery of the ghoul was wrapped once and for all, with Dicky creating an reversing agent. He also created vials that can make one intangible intentionally. With this and their wisdom Matilda, Chamberlin, Simon, and Desmond, all left for Count Alexander's. Though they are feeling suspicious about him. Once aboard a train a girl attempted to steal Simon's belongings and ran off.

Is the Count all who he says he is? Is the Egyptian Urn too legit to quit? What's the deal with the were-cat and WILL THEY EVER GET TO ATLANTIS!? I know the answers to all of these but I'm gonna tell! Instead, your gonna listen...


Matilda "Mildy" Buchanan: Kate Pursely

Dr. Richard "Dicky" Chamberlin: Garrett Reasoner

Simon Sinclair: Sage G.C.

Desmond Delancy: David McEuen


Game Master: Greg Reasoner

All editing and music by Sage G.C.


Patreon Producers:

Zack Bender
Colleen O'Keefe
Jay Speck
Marlena Jean
Travis Reaves
Michael Morgan
Maureen Brown


Artwork by Sage G.C. and Greg Reasoner 

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