VICTORIA 1890 #6 - Tests


Finding the Formula. 

Our brave adventurers discovered that the spooky ghoul was really a lab assistant who sucks. But she discovered a transparency formula though. So that's neat. Chamberlin and Matilda were invited to a party at the Stonewood Estate. The secretive Urn was found but so was another, darker, hairier secret. Oh and of course, Everly had an announcment... she's pregnant. So much still left to uncover. Can the Dr. make a transparency potion? Can Simon transition to the calm single-identidy lifestyle of fatherhood. Will they find out why there was a wildabeast!? Let's find out if we find out. 

Matilda Buchanan: Kate Pursely 
Dr. Richard Chamberlin: Garrett Reasoner 
Simon Sinclair: Sage G.C. 
Desmond Delancy: David McEuen 
Game Master: Greg Reasoner 
All editing and music by Sage G.C. 
Artwork by Sage G.C. and Greg Reasoner 
Patreon Producers: 
Zack Bender 
Colleen O'Keefe 
Jay Speck 
Marlena Lowry 
Travis Reaves 
Michael Morgan 
Maureen Brown 
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