VICTORIA 1890 #5 - Party

One beast of an episode.
Amidst personal drama, our detectives were unable to focus on the task at hand and the party was split in two. Simon came clean to Everly about his alter ego Wet Eddy. While everyone else investigated the spooky ghoul that had been floating about. Turns out the ghosty pokey was just a lab assistant who sucks.
Will they get to the bottom the Clark House horror? Who is James Stonewood? Why is that urn so important? And what is that one guy's name!?
Gather round the RSS and lets found out.
Matilda Buchanan: Kate Pursely
Dr. Richard Chamberlin: Garrett Reasoner
Simon Sinclair: Sage G.C.
Everly Green: Jessica Dahlgren
Desmond Delancy: David McEuen
Game Master: Greg Reasoner
All editing and music by Sage G.C.
Artwork by Sage G.C. and Greg Reasoner
Patreon Producers:
Zack Bender
Colleen O'Keefe
Jay Speck
Marlena Lowry
Travis Reaves
Michael Morgan
Maureen Brown
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