VICTORIA 1890 #4 - Ghouls

Something spoopy is afoot.
Matilda, Simon, and Dr. Chamberlin traveled  by train to the Chamberlin estate. Except they stopped at a bar. Here they were joined by Everly Green, who lost her husband two years ago. When they made it to the Chamberlin Estate, it seemed that a ghostly presence had become... present.
They were all going to visit the abandoned Clark house but then a sound suddenly stopped them in their tracks...
Matilda Buchanan: Kate Pursely
Dr. Richard Chamberlin: Garrett Reasoner
Simon Sinclair: Sage G.C.
Everly Green: Jessica Dahlgren
Desmond Delancy: David McEuen
Game Master: Greg Reasoner
All editing and music by Sage G.C.
Artwork by Sage G.C. and Greg Reasoner
Patreon Producers:
Zack Bender
Colleen O'Keefe
Jay Speck
Marlena Lowry
Travis Reaves
Michael Morgan
Maureen Brown
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