VICTORIA 1890 #1 - Urn


The mystery begins.

If you have yet to hear the World Introduction, make it your utmost priority to indulge in that first, and then return. Its only 4 minutes.

We went a lot more free-form in this campaign. Meaning rather than a tested “system” per-se, each character selected slight modifiers towards attributes they prefer, as determined by a class survey. To pass an obstacle, the character rolls a single d10. If they land a 10 or higher, the player may record a point towards their Intuition. 3 points and they may cash it in to get an additional clue from the GM.

But of course, 20 Sided Stories is not about the numbers nor the sides, but the story.

The Party is

(Achilles Gastard). Con-Artist.
Richard Chamberlin. Doctor.
Matilda Buchanan. Adventurer.

We join our adventurers at the estate of Count Alexander, where each of them have been summoned for reasons regarding a very peculiar Egyptian urn.


Matilda: Kate Pursely
Dr. Chamberlin: Garrett Reasoner
Simon: Sage G.C.

Game Master: Greg Reasoner

All editing and music by Sage G.C.

Patreon Producers:
Zack Bender
Colleen O'Keefe
Jay Speck
Marlena Jean
Travis Reaves
Michael Morgan
Maureen Brown

Artwork by Sage G.C. and Greg Reasoner

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