So, where are we? Darby, Dallas, and Sammy were all sent out from a secret island town called Angel, to gather supplies for an emigrating caravan. They met up with Angel's previously missing hunter, CD, right after shooting someone who tried to steal their raft. They went to the top of Ravager tower, and after a lot of gunfire and dick jokes, made it out with looted supplies. They gathered round the campfire, but after being attacked by wolves, our survivors had no choice but to make way towards a seemingly abandoned Masonic Library. Upon exploring, they learned quickly that it wasn't abandoned after all, and that there are folks living underground. Those same folks handed over a map that pointed to Mono Lake, to the East, and our adventurers made way to Bunker Coast to finish their list. They stumbled upon a boat, before crossing the bridge, and of course, investigated. The boat didn't work but they met its owner, Toben. The drunk offered a service as long as they'd help him search for his missing crew who were last seen in the mysterious Battery Spencer, where they are about to head in. But not before checking in with their ex-Ravager friend, CD.

This episode is dedicated to my friend Kevin Redrico, who passed away April 5th, 2017. This episode was recorded before the news and I honestly felt for a bit that we should re-record, due to the topic at hand. But I am not one to shy away from heavy discussions. And neither will 20 Sided Stories. I know we don't have a lot of listeners out there yet but, if there's anyone tuning in who has struggled with thoughts of depression or suicide, know that you will make it out of the tunnel. No one knows how long you'll be down there, it could feel like an eternity, but you aren't alone. Persevere. Find your song.

Dallas: Garrett Reasoner
Darby: Greg Reasoner
Sammy: Zach Dailey
Toben: Josh Wolf
GM, Editing, Music: Sage G.C.
Produced by Sage G.C., Greg Reasoner, Garrett Reasoner, and Zach Dailey
Artwork by Greg Reasoner and Sage G.C.
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Content Warning: This is a post apocalyptic series. And while it is also comedic, most of the horrible things you would associate with that genre do come up in some way. 

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