Previously, Darby, Dallas, Sammy, and CD, explored the secrets of the Freemason Library. They lost CD for a bit, collected some books that are probably illegible, and discovered a creepy theater. Eventually they met up with CD, and, after a spiritual detour in the cathedral across the street, they were hit by a dust storm. Returning, they took shelter in a back room of the theater. Sammy totally figured out on his own without any help from me, a pass-code, that lead to a confrontation with an actual Freemason, or so they can assume. They received a detailed map with a recommended location to immigrate to, and now have just a few more things to check off before heading back to Angel.

Dallas: Garrett Reasoner
Darby: Greg Reasoner
Sammy: Zach Dailey
Toben: Josh Wolf
GM, Editing, Music: Sage G.C.
Produced by Sage G.C., Greg Reasoner, Garrett Reasoner, and Zach Dailey
Artwork by Greg Reasoner and Sage G.C.
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Content Warning: This is a post apocalyptic series. And while it is also comedic, most of the horrible things you would associate with that genre do come up in some way. 

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