Darby, Dallas, Sammy, and CD, gathered around the campfire and discussed various topics such as how Dallas came to have his daughter, how Sammy has never left Angel, long lost religion, and the next steps of their mission. During Darby's watch, the party was attacked by wolves. Dallas once again saved Sammy from worse fate, and the party had no choice but to fire off their guns, potentially alerting the Ravagers who are on their tail. They made way towards the Freemason Library, where they hope to find a map.

Dallas: Garrett Reasoner
Darby: Greg Reasoner
Sammy: Zach Dailey
CD: Sage G.C.
Editing and Music: Sage G.C.
Produced by Sage G.C., Greg Reasoner, Garrett Reasoner, and Zach Dailey
Artwork by Greg Reasoner and Sage G.C.
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Content Warning: This is a post apocalyptic series. And while it is also comedic, most of the horrible things you would associate with that genre do come up in some way. 

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