Dallas, Darby, and Sammy continued their mission to stock up for Angel Island's caravan and so far things aren't going quite as planned. They found the island's missing hunter CD, and worked with him to get to the top of Ravager tower in hopes of stealing supplies. They ended up trapped in a barbed-wire cage by Young Mikel, Age 14. Young Mikel still doesn't know they also killed his father. But Darby used his charming attitude to get an escorted trip to the bathroom, which turned into a pissing contest with a Ravager guard. Literally. Darby won the bet, and now has the key to the Ravager's food stockade.

Meanwhile, Dallas and Sammy conjured a plan to send out Bill, a hopeless prisoner of the Ravagers, with a stick of dynamite to scare Young Mikel, and then “save” him, in quotes, to earn his trust. Except, some extra guards just showed up, and they have a striking looking woman in custody.

Dallas: Garrett Reasoner
Darby: Greg Reasoner
Sammy: Zach Dailey
Young Mikel: Travis Reaves
Nova: Jessica Dahlgren
Editing and Music: Sage G.C.
Produced by Sage G.C., Greg Reasoner, Garrett Reasoner, and Zach Dailey
Artwork by Greg Reasoner and Sage G.C.
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Content Warning: This is a post apocalyptic series. And while it is also comedic, most of the horrible things you would associate with that genre do come up in some way. 

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